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MyPicture Nicolas Morey

Senior Linux Developper
74190 Passy
+33 6 95 20 31 74
nicolas AT morey-chaisemartin DOT com

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Work Experience
March 2017
upto now
Senior Linux Developer , SUSE , Home Office
  • Centralize, package and support Infiniband and Omni-Path userspace tools and HPC libraries
  • Develop and support RDMA Kernel modules
  • Develop testsuites for Software/Hardware validation.
  • Customer feature developments and support
  • Environment: RPM, OBS, Infiniband, Omni-Path, Networking, MPI, Kernel.
  • April 2015
    upto March 2017
    Network solutions manager , Kalray , Montbonnot
  • Conception of a 80Gb/s smartNIC product
  • Port and optimization of OpenDataPlane on MPPA.
  • Management of a team of 5 engineers
  • High-speed PCI and Ethernet interfaces support
  • In charge of all Linux drivers: PCI, netdev, AF ALG, crypto, RoCE, DPDK
  • Environment: MPPA, C, ODP, Ethernet, PCI, Linux Drivers.
  • July 2013
    upto April 2015
    Video solutions manager , Kalray , Montbonnot
  • Design and development of a flexible HEVC core encoder optimized for MPPA
  • Technical leader and management of a small development team
  • Port, parallelization and optimization of MainConcept 4K HEVC encoder on MPPA
  • Environment: MPPA, C, C++, Ruby, Parallel programming, HEVC.
  • July 2009
    upto July 2013
    Embedded software architect and developer , Kalray , Montbonnot
  • Development of an embedded operating system and runtime libraries.
  • Development of a front-end compiler for a highly parallel streaming language.
  • Development of scheduling, placing and routing tools for streaming applications
  • In charge of continuous integration using Git/Hudson.
  • IT Co-administrator.
  • Agile/Scrum Project Management.
  • Environment: Embedded systems, MPPA, C, Assembly, Ruby, Parallel programming.
  • Octobre 2008
    upto July 2009
    Embedded System Engineer , Coframi , Meylan
  • Consulting for Bull in the R&D HPC Team: Infiniband expert.
  • Development of fault-tolerant routing algorithms (patents).
  • Development of network monitoring solutions for large clusters.
  • Environment: Infiniband, Routage, QoS, Linux drivers, HPC.
  • May 2008
    upto Septembre 2008
    MSc Project , Northumbria University , Newcastle , UK
  • Design and development of a hard real-time micro-Kernel for the Cell Broadband Engine.
  • Environment: Multicore, Real-Time, Scheduling, Synchronization, C, Assembly.
  • June 2007
    upto August 2007
    IT Intern , Allibert-Trekking , Montmélian
  • User and server support on a Mac OS X infrastructure.
  • Deployment of monitoring tools.
  • Development of synchronization tools between inventory, administration and monitoring tools.
  • Environment: Mac OS X, Php, Perl, Python, Bash, MySQL, openDirectory.
  • January 2007Junior-Entreprise Consultant , MVA Limited , Grenoble
  • Development of a GPS coordinate extraction tools using Google Maps.
  • Environment: Java, Swing.
  • Octobre 2006Junior-Entreprise Consultant , Institut Laue-Langevin , Grenoble
  • Porting of an objective-C crystallography demonstration application to Java.
  • Environment: Java, Swing, HTML.
  • Education
    2008Computing Science Engineer , ENSIMAG , Grenoble
    2008MSc in Embedded systems , Northumbria University , Newcastle , UK
  • In parallel of the third year at ENSIMAG..
  • Personal Experience
    upto Today
    Contributions to Open Source projects
  • Contribution to mailing list and development of Linux, Git, OpenSM, ODP.
  • Maintainer for rdma-core stable releases
  • Occasional involvement in various projects: Sick-Beard, RBTools, libdbi...
  • 2011
    upto Today
    Damage (DAtabase MetA GEnerator)
  • Development of a script toolset for custom database generation.
  • Generates a complete access and modification API for C, Java, Ruby to XML/YAML/Binary databases from a simple YAML description.
  • Environnement: Ruby, GPL.
  • 2006Participation to IBM Cell B.E. Contest
  • Development of a generic Open Source producer/consumer framework for Cell clusters.
  • Environment: C++, sockets.
  • 2005
    upto 2007
    IT Administrator of N'Sigma, ENSIMAG Junior-Entreprise
  • Administration of a mixed Linux/Windows network.
  • Participation to cost assessments of N'Sigma contracts.
  • Skills
    LanguagesC, Ruby, Java, Assembly, Ada, Php, C++, MPI Graphical EnvironmentX11, Gtk, Tk, Swing, Qt
    ToolsEmacs, Netbeans, Eclipse, gcc, gdb VideoH.265, x265
    Operating SystemsKernel, Parallel programming, Drivers, Signals, RPM packaging Version controlGit, Gitolite, Jenkins, OBS, CVS, SVN, SCCS
    System AdministrationLinux, FreeBSD, Samba, Postfix, Apache, Shell scripting, Bash, Sed, Awk NetworkingRoutage, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Sockets, QoS, Infiniband, Omni-Path, ODP
    DatabasesSQL, Oracle, MySQL, LDAP, Design, Optimisation Mathematic ToolsMatlab, CoinOR, GPLK
    French Native speaker
    English Bilingual TOEFL Score:100/120
    WO2011001362 Methods and devices for evaluating interconnection efficiency of parallel computer networks based upon static routing schemes
    WO2011151569 Method of pseudo-dynamic routing in a cluster comprising static communication links and computer program implementing this method
    WO2011144848 Method of optimizing routing in a cluster comprising static communication links and computer program implementing this method
    Hobbies Mountains, photography, traveling, guitar.
    Sport Mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, ski and ski touring.